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Good day bcbc, since everything is working well now,Thanks for all your help on my thread I decided to migrate my wubi to a dedicated partition. I'll just ask if this script can migrate my wubi to an external hdd. My external is just an enclosure with the extra hdd of my laptop. Another Ubuntu is installed on dedicated partitions there. One for the root and one as swap space and i'm planning to replace that with my wubi install. If it's possible, do i need to erase that ubuntu first or the script can just replace with the wubi? Thanks
Hi javacookies,
Yes the script will migrate to an external hard drive. It will not migrate to a non-empty partition (as a safety measure) so you will have to format it or clear it prior to migrating. It also will only install the bootloader to the drive you install to (in your case the external) which is usually what you would want anyway.

So, yes, it's definitely supported