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oh, thank's a lot for answering that quick!

ok, then I will try to delete my stuff partition and make it an extended one with logical partitions. But then, Will I be able to migrate mi wubi linux to those logical partitions [system files and swap]? Is there any problem with having an OS in a logical partition? and the bootloader,what happens with it?

thank you! I will try it anyway, I would tell you if something goes wrong!

PS When you finally migrate the wubi, you get exactly the same as if you would install the ubuntu in the partition for the first time [I mean, the normal way, not wubi], or it still has some diferences that make it worse?
You can boot linux from a logical partition. That's not an issue. The recommended method is to install the grub2 bootloader. This works well except in some circumstances (when certain windows programs use parts of the boot track for hiding data).

Wubi Ubuntu is identical to a normal install (except for the part that allows you to run from a loop device). So the migrated install is the same as a fresh install (except you keep your data/programs/customizations).

PS you don't actually migrate swap. You're just creating a new swap partition.