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Thread: HOWTO: migrate wubi install to partition

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    Re: HOWTO: migrate wubi install to partition

    Quote Originally Posted by bcbc View Post
    It is unfortunate. You know there is a warning about using the manual migration - the script won't allow you to format a non-empty partition and also checks the size of the partition (5GB is a hard minimum and most Wubi installs will be bigger than that).

    You do not need to uninstall Wubi Ubuntu and reinstall - it will delete your existing Wubi install which will likely boot normally as long as you clear out that ext4 file system from /dev/sda1. If you don't reformat /dev/sda1 then reinstalling Wubi won't boot for the same reason your current one is not booting.

    I have no idea what is in /dev/sda3 (the 31GB partition) or what /dev/sda1 looked like prior to the format.

    This migration howto is provided to enable Wubi users to migrate to a partition install if they wish, and the script provides a lot of protection (I've also spent a lot of time testing it and making sure it's safe). But the job of partitioning is left up to the user, and when you choose to do the manual migration - you assume those risks.

    I tried to be clear on the first post:

    I have been considering removing the manual migration instructions. I think the risk is too high versus the benefit (and curious people can just review the script).
    Well i now see why people call linux too hard. I know about the warning, believe me i spent much time reassuring myself about each individual code but i guess that doesn't help if you know nothing about computing

    I am going to try and get wubi install back to normall and i might stick it if i'm not feeling confident about the migration (probably tomorow). Thanks for your help you stuck with me for long hours much appreciated.

    i am going and try to see if i can learn a little about the terminal

    Edit: 31GB is the empty partition which is purposely made for this
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