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Thread: Kickstarter: Sportsfriends -- something kind of different

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    Kickstarter: Sportsfriends -- something kind of different

    There's a Kickstarter I'm hoping will get funded, and I thought it might be legit to spread the word here about Sportsfriends.

    Adam Smith at Rock Paper Shotgun called them "four semi-mythical multiplayer indie games, the games that are heard of in whispers and that seem to have been at expos and conventions for years." They're all competitive local multiplayer games with Linux versions. (Here's another RPS post about them.)

    The headliner is Johann Sebatian Joust, a game that's something like a mash of tag, musical chairs, assassin, and I don't know what else. It's a computer game, but it's a computer game you play looking at other people, not at a screen.

    The other three games in the collection are BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders (from the same guy who made QWOP), and Hokra.

    I think these games are something really special. They seem like the kind of thing Kickstarter's there for, a bit different, really cool, but just on the edge of being commercially viable. Doesn't look like we'll ever get a chance to play them unless they get kickstarted and fully developed.

    I've pitched in (my first Kickstarter). Check it out and see if it's your thing too.
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