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Thread: Hardware issue or bad install?

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    Re: Hardware issue or bad install?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave68 View Post
    You might also check into Xubuntu. The System Reqs are a little leaner.

    Mint XFCE 8. lists 256MB RAM as one of the minimum requirements. (Also similar to Ubuntu, but with Restricted Areas already installed.)

    I'm not exactly sure what the Xubuntu Specs are, but I'm running it on two 5 year old machines with minimal issues. They have 512 MB RAM though.

    It is still Ubuntu, but it uses the Xfce Gui, which is lighter than KDE or Gnome.

    Just a Thought,
    The new XFCE has almost no difference in system requirements than the other 'Buntu's. The LXDE environment is the only lightweight desktop Environment available for Ubuntu. Otherwise custom building an Install is the only choice. Even then, LXDE or Custom, 256 MB RAM is still pushing it.
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    Re: Hardware issue or bad install?

    Updated my RAM to 2GB. So far boot-ups have been better, but not perfect. On three boot-ups (one a restart) so far, the first two booted right up, the third froze twice before starting up. I'll have to wait and see if things stay improved like this or if they go back to how they were before. (A few times over the past few days I was wondering if my computer was ever going to start up.) At the very least, it's running much faster now.

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