Thank you for your positive feedback.

it successfully added boot entries for all of the above iso's, except Peppermint & Lubuntu.
Yes it wont boot pepper mint and lubuntu because this support is not added in the script. you can find the list of supported distros in the first post of this thread.

I manually added Peppermint to the iso folder and added an entry to the /boot/grub/grub.cfg.
if you boot these distros (pepper mint and lubuntu) successfully please share us so that i will include these two distros in the script. you can share us the grub.cfg entry of these two distros.

I'm in the process of attempting to boot each of the iso's and so far Wolvix and Backtrack have booted OK
I haven't tried yet for those distros. I would like to know the grub.cfg entry for these two(if you wish).

I noticed that for several of the live cd iso's, the contents were extracted
Because these distros does not provide direst iso boot yet.

Thank you.