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Thread: Different icons on Different workspaces in Ubuntu / Compiz

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    Exclamation Different icons on Different workspaces in Ubuntu / Compiz

    Hello everyone
    I am quite now to Ubuntu and Linux as a whole - and quite happy with. What lead me to Linux was a virus I got on my Windows Vista machine. Through Linux I was able to re-gain all my data and format HD. Which in and of itself was amazing. Ever since then I have decided to work with Linux. I have one question / request to the Ubuntu / Compiz community . . .

    All the graphics effects are quite amazing and I would say breathtaking. However, there is one thing that bothers me. And that is . . . not being able to have different icons on different desktops. That would be and absolute Holy Grail in productivity in working with Linux. Having different wallpapers in KDE is nice but that is just a perk that is all. But having different icons on different workspaces - that would be sweet. Imagine having one workspace for work, one for fun, one for school, one for programming.

    I was looking for answers to that questions whether it is possible - but as far as I know it is not. Big question is - WHY? Having multiple workspaces is a nice option, but if you are not able to place different icons on each of them - Multiple workspaces becomes just a fancy firework to show of to your friends.

    It can't be that difficult to achieve in Ubuntu. If I only knew more about porgramming I would try everything in my power to do that. Or maybe that option already exists - althou from the threads I have read it doesn't. Maybe one day I will be able to change it. Hopefully someone, who knows much more than I do about programming will beat me to the punch.


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    Re: Different icons on Different workspaces in Ubuntu / Compiz

    You can have different icons in different workspaces in KDE. That's why they're called activites. You can have an activity for work, fun, etc. and you can put different icons, widgets, etc. in each activity. In upcoming versions it'll even let you assign windows to specific acitvities.

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    Re: Different icons on Different workspaces in Ubuntu / Compiz

    To the OP: I 110% agree with everything you said.

    I run Ubuntu on a laptop and so my 4 "desktops" are presently nothing more than 4 windows - Firefox, Chrom, TweetDeck and ThunderBird. I'd love to be able to use these desktops for far more, and a KDE-style workspace sounds ideal.

    I may not know much about programming, but surely there is a way to configure Compiz so that certain icons are *hidden* on particular desktops? That would solve the problem.
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