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0.8.8-10 provides you with the stable kernel module, while -- as far as I know -- input-wacom-0.10.10 is more experimental.
Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

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As for the tablet no longer working with newer kernel versions... Did you rebuild the wacom.ko kernel module after upgrading the kernel?
No... I didn't.

I rebuilt (using both input-wacom-0.10.10 and linuxwacom-0.8.8-10, the latter of which is currently installed) and now I get the tablet mostly working again, but the pad buttons still move the cursor to the top left of the screen.

I'll note that I saw this problem with my old Bamboo (just Bamboo, not Pen or Pen&Touch) and that the problem went away after upgrading the driver. Also, I'll note that the P&T works on my laptop, but not on my desktop. The only difference between the two systems (both run Lucid with all updates and, essentially, the exact same set of packages installed), is that one has an ATI gfx card and the other an Nvidia. I'm not sure, but is the x-server implemented by the proprietary driver? Is this the reason it works on one computer and not the other?