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Thread: HOW TO Set Up the Bamboo Pen & Touch in Lucid

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    Re: HOW TO Set Up the Bamboo Pen & Touch in Lucid

    Hi dr4ziw,

    Thanks for the info

    About the patches: True, after posting I figured out that they were unnecessary and am running on the pure git version (only with the changes you describe in your last post) since yesterday.

    Currently this is all I did to the current git repo:
    commit 6d1a9b82f421e66e456135737a4de9833c82c05c
    Author: Robert Schaffar-Taurok <>
    Date:   Tue Dec 28 01:20:22 2010 +0100
        Added my bamboo
    diff --git a/src/wcmUSB.c b/src/wcmUSB.c
    index c25e67c..58ffa35 100644
    --- a/src/wcmUSB.c
    +++ b/src/wcmUSB.c
    @@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ static struct
            { WACOM_VENDOR_ID, 0xD1, 100000, 100000, &usbBamboo     }, /* CTL-460 */
            { WACOM_VENDOR_ID, 0xD4, 100000, 100000, &usbBamboo     }, /* CTH-461 */
            { WACOM_VENDOR_ID, 0xD3, 100000, 100000, &usbBamboo     }, /* CTL-660 */
    +       { WACOM_VENDOR_ID, 0xD7, 100000, 100000, &usbBamboo     }, /* CTH-461/S */
            { WACOM_VENDOR_ID, 0xD2, 100000, 100000, &usbBamboo     }, /* CTL-461/S */
            { WACOM_VENDOR_ID, 0xD0, 100000, 100000, &usbBamboo     }, /* Bamboo Touch */
            { WACOM_VENDOR_ID, 0xD8, 100000, 100000, &usbBamboo     }, /* CTH-661/S1 */
    diff --git a/src/wcmValidateDevice.c b/src/wcmValidateDevice.c
    index a22ca3c..8bf122a 100644
    --- a/src/wcmValidateDevice.c
    +++ b/src/wcmValidateDevice.c
    @@ -261,6 +261,7 @@ int wcmDeviceTypeKeys(InputInfoPtr pInfo)
                    case 0xD1:  /* Bamboo with 2FGT */
                    case 0xD2:  /* Bamboo with 2FGT */
                    case 0xD3:  /* Bamboo with 2FGT */
    +               case 0xD7:  /* Bamboo with 2FGT */
                    case 0xD8:  /* Bamboo with 2FGT */
                    case 0xDA:  /* Bamboo with 2FGT */
                    case 0xDB:  /* Bamboo with 2FGT */
    Which makes the stylus working perfectly.

    But not touch. Well, it is responding. The pointer is moving. And I think sometimes it even "recognizes" a gesture, because while testing suddenly a picture in mypaint (or gimp? don't remember) became really small.

    I tried to remove everything from 10-evdev.conf and 50-synaptics.conf that had to do with touchpad and tablet resulting in no change at all. (Only the Xorg.0.log(attached) looked different as evdev and synaptics didn't "see" the tablet anymore). But I still have this jumpy behaviour. I am moving one finger in a constant slow speed with a constant pressure (as good as it gets ) in one direction and suddenly the pointer jumps across the screen or starts marking some text etc. like I would expect when I add a second finger or smth. like that, which I didn't do.

    And another "problem": In mypaint, everything works well, but in gimp, when I use the pen and write with low pressure, sometimes my contact isn't even recognized resulting in missing parts of the lines that I wrote. (Tested it with some math formulas, which were the main reason for buying this tablet (as khan in )

    I think this maybe could be settled with some xsetwacom tuning, but didn't had time to test that yet.

    thanks and cheers, publicnmi
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