Thank you Favux

I ran the commands in step II re-clone the xf86-input-wacom git, but rebooting or hot plugging the tablet still does not run Not a big deal as I can run it from the command line.

I did get the to run from a tablet button. I needed to assign a keyboard short cut (f12) to run that program and then assign the shortcut key to a tablet button in

I would like to make the stylus tip button take more force to act as a left mouse button. Changing the ClickForce parameter over the entire range of 1 to 21 doesn't seem to make a difference. Has the value for that been changed to a hard coded value? I tried Threshold, but got a parameter no defined error when i tried to set that. I may just need to learn to have a light touch.

Unless you have a suggestion on something else to try, I will learn to live with it the way it is working now.

Thanks again.

Tom Oakes