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Thread: Desktop Network Monitoring Software

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    Lightbulb Desktop Network Monitoring Software

    Wanted to ask the community if there is software out there for the desktop that will allow me to monitor my network.

    I'm looking for like a cacti or ntop in functionality but instead of running on a server would run on my laptop.

    I have a small network and right now only one or two snmp enabled devices, so no use in a server-based app.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Smile Re: Desktop Network Monitoring Software

    If you don't want to use server-client (SC) structure monitoring software, you can try browser-client (BC) structure monitoring software. I know Interguard provides browser console. You can try it. But there's one things you have to know before you use the BC Structure monitoring software.

    Caution: The data storage way for BC Structure. The data is not stored in your company and stored on third-party side and it's quite risky if you have plenty of confidential information. It's just like someone's watching your data without telling you.

    Actually, SC structure is much better because you don't need to worry about your data leakage. Actually, some programs offers flexible structure. Like IP-guard, the console can be installed on any computers. And, there's no need to use the server to set policy and view the monitoring data.

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    Re: Desktop Network Monitoring Software

    PHP Code:
    sudo apt-get install wireshark 

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    Re: Desktop Network Monitoring Software

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