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Thread: What Ubuntu Needs

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    Re: What Ubuntu Needs

    Quote Originally Posted by Linuxforall View Post
    Lunduke is a Windows fanboi, if thats the case, I can make blogs after blogs on Why Windows Sucks but thats childish. Just because he couldn't figure something out with his Windows mentality don't mean thats the norm.
    Lunduke a Windows fanboy? Are you off? He runs a Linux podcast for cryin out loud, and a good one too!

    Bryan Lunduke is not new to Linux in any respects. Your talk of 'I could make blogs after blogs on Why Windows Sucks' shows how assumptive you were in your post; 'Why Desktop Linux Sucks' is a recurring presentation he does at a certain Linux convention (can't remember which one exactly), you know, in front of fellow Linux users and whatnot.

    You need to stop with the knee jerk assumptions. This man is no Windows fanboy, nor is he an 'M$ shill', and if you're basing this off the title 'Why Desktop Linux (Still) Sucks', I suggest you listen to that presentation. You'll learn some things.
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    Re: What Ubuntu Needs

    OP here again. It's true, Lunduke's talks were very insightful as a newcomer to Linux. I've been using Ubuntu now for about four months and am just getting comfortable with terms like "Xorg", "fstab" and "grub". His talks pretty much condensed my opinions of desktop Linux into one polite rant. Or to put it another way, I love Linux, but I'm very willing to discuss its annoyances.

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