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Ok, so I am using OOO-3.2 Kubuntu 10.04 but I did not install openoffice.org-kde package but I did install openoffice.org-gtk. Document opening and saving etc was OK but during drawing Xorg was gorging over my CPU. So I thought its probably because of lack of kde customizations i.e. openoffice.org-kde. So I installed it and then the problem of slow opening, save-as-ing, exporting (anything with dialog box) appeared. While exporting a doc the OOO assistant complained that I dont have openoffice help installed. From this forum I got that this slow down problem is some sort of network or database problem. I thought OOO might be looking for the help. So I installed the help files openoffice.org-help-en-us and voila slow down problem gone although Xorg stills shoots up when I do any drawing related movement but I guess we have a resolution on the slow down issue. Please do let all know if it works for you.
Where can I download it? I downloaded it from the Software Centre, but Writer tells me I still need to download it.