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Thread: Topic gone?

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    Topic gone?

    Okay, I'm confused now. I made a topic asking about configuring my graphics to work with a game, and I posted said topic under "gaming and leisure." Which seems reasonable to me. My topic is now gone... is it because I'm running the game under wine? But I'm pretty sure I don't need help with wine, I've already configured that and gotten the game to start, so it might as well be something I'm running outside of wine. I haven't recieved a PM or anything and I'm not sure who to contact. I would like help with this particularly sense my computer is now saying I have no graphics drivers at all...? It eventually let me start in a "one time low graphics session" but I'm not sure what to do while in this session.

    I'm generally amneable to working with people but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do or who I'm supposed to talk to. I appologize if I was about to recieve a PM in 30 seconds or something.

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    Re: Topic gone?

    Please read the sticky in that section for the reason the thread was removed .

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