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Thread: User abusing forums by continually posting questions

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    User abusing forums by continually posting questions

    There is a user that I continually see in the forums that I believe is abusing the forums by persistently and continually posting questions that could easily be answered by simple web searches.

    This person has started 229 threads since 13th August 2009 and it seems to me will just not do anything at all for themselves preferring to have other Ubuntu forum users spoon-feed them on and ongoing basis.

    What is the policy on this, I consider this amount of posts an obvious abuse of the forums.

    If a forum moderator asks, I will provide the username of this person.
    Regards, David.
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    Re: User abusing forums by continually posting questions

    Well, you really can not force people to use the search function and while a google search may benefit many, some people simply do not find search tools helpful.

    To some extent the difference between the forums and wiki is the interaction , the questions and answers, the interaction is what make us what we are.

    At the moment this user is not taxing our resources, so ...

    Probably the best thing to do is ask you to move on to threads that do hold your interest. There are users here that, for whatever reason, I find I can not help either. They do recieve help from others and in general it all works out in the end.
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