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Thread: Obsolete Computers 'n Stuff.

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    Obsolete Computers 'n Stuff.

    I posted a few pictures of some old stuff I have, and people seem to react to it, so I thought; why not dedicate a thread about old[er] hardware and software.

    A few of my old machines.
    The one on the left isn't obsolete, it just sits in the picture to make me feel modern and youthful.
    The one in the middle, with the amber screen is an IBM 5155 'portable' computer [people call them luggable nowadays]. It still works, but as you may see, on the picture it runs without any system disk, I was too lazy to put one in.
    The machine running on the right is a Macintosh Classic, I believe it runs MacOS 7.0.1.

    The flat thing on top of the IBM 5155 is an IBM PC Convertible with a printer attached at the back, it does not run, it lacks a power supply.
    The computer on the shelf above is an Apple ][ Europlus, it still works, but it sadly misses Disk I.

    Behind the small monitor on top of the Macintosh Classic is an Apple Macintosh ED.

    A few more machines.
    Left to right: Commodore Plus/4, Atari 130XE [brand spanking new], Atari 2600 [also brand spanking new], Commodore 64, keyboard for a Sinclair ZX81, the Sinclair ZX81 itself [and yes, that is a picture of my grandpa next to it, may he rest in peace].
    Lower shelf, in the middle, that's a Commodore VIC 20.
    Lower shelf, on the right: do I really need to explain?

    Also, a monster IBM HDD with a 5.25", a 3.5" and a 2.5" hdd in front of it. I think the big disk is 5MB, but not sure.

    I've got a few more, but I can't take pictures of them atm, it's a bit of a mess !

    Show us what you've got please !

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