Thanks to everyone who attended the Lucid Lynx release party in Salina. Attendance was low, however this was expected, being the first statewide release part, and Memorial day. We lunched at Hong Kong Buffet, had a penguin guessing game, etc. We learned a lot about planning this time around as well.

Looking forward to Maverick Meerkat, I'd thought I'd start the ball rolling and begin to call for date, speakers, times, etc. It has been suggested to have local city release parties, and I'd like to suggest having those first, with the state wide a week after the release. I realize this may reduce participation, but LoCo's are really that - local.

Looking over forum posts for the last release party, it was suggested to coordinate with KCLUG and CCCKC. It'd be nice to coordinate with K-SLUG and Air LUG & Kulua as well.

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