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Thread: Ubuntu wont run installers, in particular Mathematica

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    Unhappy Ubuntu wont run installers, in particular Mathematica

    Hi guys!

    Im still getting used to Ubuntu & I was wondering does anyone have Mathematica on their machine?

    I have the unix copy of mathematica, i mount it, go through to /unix/Installer then click on MathInstaller and it states "unkown file type". Im pretty sure its not corrupt or anything, i opened it up as a text file and it looks like a convincing C+ installer.

    I read somewhere that i have to do an 'sh' mount or something, but going through that process in the terminal just spits out this

    bla bla : sudo sh MathInstaller
    *asks for password*
    sh:Can't open MathInstaller

    I am a bit confused as to why this wont even start, its a legit copy and everything!?

    Anyone know what could cause this?? (it may not even be specific to Mathematica but anything that uses this kind of format)

    I really like Ubuntu since i had it but Im still not competent at it, so things like this are a real pain and tempt me back to windows a bit! "Nooooo"

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    Re: Ubuntu wont run installers, in particular Mathematica

    Have you given it permission to run as an executable? chmod +x or <right-click> -> Properties -> Permission -> Allow executing file as program

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    Re: Ubuntu wont run installers, in particular Mathematica

    I've never used mathematica, but I was able to find a couple simple guides that might be of assistance. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful:

    How to install Mathematica 6,Linux,Ubuntu.

    Mathematica Troubleshooting on Linux

    Possible alternatives to Mathematica?
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