So here goes,
After my hard drive running Vista crashed, a friend recommended that I try Ubuntu booting my 2gb flash drive. So far, I'm totally enjoying the change:] but now I need to install Windows to get back to some work/programs I was in the middle of before my drive started failing.(would love to dual boot once I learn how)

So my question/plea is this...
Can someone please walk me through the steps(or send me in the right direction) of creating a Windows 7 64-bit boot disk.
I've tried to read through countless articles explaining the details, but they are explained in a way that assumes I am an avid Ubuntu user...which I am not... yet.

I've yet to dabble in burning iso images to disks and whatever else i need to do, what programs i need for it, and the best way to do it.

so pleeeeaaaassse Ubuntu me your ways...but dumb it down a bit haha