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Thread: Where is menu.lst?

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    Where is menu.lst?

    I had 9.10 installed using Wubi, and upgraded to 10.04.

    My problem now is that when I go to load up Ubuntu (via. GRUB Bootloader) it says "Error: You need to load the kernel first"

    I have searched for a while to try and get this fixed, coming very close: I just don't have a menu.lst file anywhere in my files! (Accessed files via. this method)

    Any help in editing the menu.lst file is appreciated!


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    Re: Where is menu.lst?

    I have not used Wubi, just regular Ubuntu installs, but I guess that this applies to Wubi as well:

    In 10.04, Grub has been replaced by Grub 2, and menu.list is now grub.cfg
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