hey. I know this thread is marked "solved", assuming that (above) answer was the solution, but:
I think that Keryx is the ticket here, rather than Apt on CD.

If you're entirely without internet, and can't get it without (naturally) installing some packages, AptOnCD is as good as useless.

I am often in a situation where I cannot get internet on a new ubuntu install, because I don't have the right drivers for the wireless cards on my laptops (broadcom - booo!) ... and I love apt-on-cd, and it is *almost* the right solution, but not quite.

  1. You can't "update packages" unless I have an internet connection, or else you have physically burned a CD from your AptOnCD backup.
  2. You don't have an internet connection unless you have ethernet or else appropriate drivers to run the wireless.
  3. You can't install drivers for the wireless without an internet connection.
  4. You're a lot more likely to have an up-to-date Apt-on-CD backup stored as an ISO on a thumbdrive somewhere than to have a handy physical burned CD archive.

So, Keryx seems to be the ticket. Backup packages to a thumb drive. restore from thumb drive, on a new, blank system, without need for packages already being installed.

Humble two cents,