My HP LaserJect P1005 was not printing. I had HPLIP already installed, but when I went to print from OpenOffice Writer I would see the P1005 on the print menu and and choose print. The software acted like it printed, but nothing came out of the printer. Fortunately, a google revealed the info I needed to make it work at this link:

The following two commands in the terminal made it start working:

sudo aptitude install hplip-gui
sudo hp-setup
After the install, HP made me agree to an EULA and then the printer worked.

Now when I go to print, the print menu comes up and I have a choice between these two supposed printers:
Obviously, there's an extra instantiation of the printer. If I choose to print from the HP_LaserJet_P1005, everything prints just fine, but I get a message complaining that the HP_LaserJet_P1005_2 may not be plugged in. If I try to print from HP_LaserJet_P1005_2, it does not print.

So it's great I can print, and it's no big deal to choose the first instantiation of the printer. However, I'm going to be bugged about the supposedly unplugged P1005_2 each time I print. Obviously, the thing to do is uninstall the extra one. However, I've looked for an HPLIP gui and I can't seem to find it. Is there a GUI? And how do I get rid of the extra install?