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Thread: At least two kernel upgrades this week

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    At least two kernel upgrades this week


    I use Kubuntu 10.04 and I find it very strange that this week, at least twice, the Linux kernel has been upgraded without prompting for confirmation:
    1. As far as I know, there has been only one security vulnerability.
    2. I have the option "Install security updates without confirmation" disabled.

    I actually have the feeling there's even a third time, but I'm not sure because I was busy with something else and I just saw the dialog to restart the computer.

    Is this normal?

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    Re: At least two kernel upgrades this week

    you have logs to see what have happened: system admin log viewer

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    Re: At least two kernel upgrades this week

    Hi Gustavo Narea.

    A number of kubuntu users are reporting automatic installs, even though the settings are not set to auto.

    The devs are sure to fix this soon, as it is security related.

    I saw a thread, that stated kwallet was giving permissions to something it normally wouldn't.

    This may not be it.
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