(If you're disinterested in emo crap, skip to the next paragraph, because I'm gonna whine for a bit first: I'm seriously thinking about switching back to Vista, that's right, Windows Vista, because nothing about Karmic is user-friendly in the least. So far I haven't even got WLAN working, although that's probably the WLAN's fault in this case... I have so many OS-related issues I didn't know what to post first, but I guess this is the most important...)

Okay, down to business. As the title says, I have the problem that many fellow ubuntu-users seem to share, but so far I haven't been able to find a working cure for it. Yes, I did do the "sudo apt-get update" and I tried double-clicking and rebooting and all the other little things that anyone with half a brain tries first, but I'm still quite unable to get anything from the software center. Someone said something about removing, then reinstalling Synaptic, but how's that gonna help?

I'm fairly sure the main problem here is that I'm pretty much thumbless with anything more complex than solitaire, but yeah... Any additional tricks I could try?