I've been running Lucid on my laptop for about a month now - but I've only recently had to burn a couple of CD-Rs off with some images.

I'm using the default CD/DVD writer tool that comes with Gnome.

Everything seemed to go well, but then I got an error message from the CD/DVD writer tool that it "needs to eject the CD to continue, but cannot do this for some reason".

I acknowledged the message, and then tried to unmount and eject the freshly minted CD - but I couldn't find the drive to unmount, and the eject button just wouldn't work. Since it's a new Dell Studio, the drive is one of those new slot bays and the only eject button is software driven.

When I restart the PC, I can then eject the CD as normal.

This has happened to both CDs that I wrote to last night.

Anyone else experience this - and is there a simple(ish) fix?

As a photographer, I need to write large amounts of images to CD/DVD for archiving.