Hi everyone,
first of all, I'm a very beginner.
I just bought a new laptop, hp pavillion dv4-2165dx (Intel Core i3-330, 4 Gb RAM, 500 Gb HardDisk) and it comes along with Windows 7. I'd like to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu, but there is a problem with the partitions: it is already using four primary partitions:
- The main one, where Windows is running
- A 'Windows recovery' partition
- A 'HP-tools' partition
- A 'System' partition

So basically I should get rid of at least on of them, and replace it with an extended partition and put there ubuntu. Yeah, but which one can I get rid of?
I can make recovery dvd's, and then cancel Windows Recovery? Or Hp Tools? Both?
Can anybody help me?
Thanks a lot