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Thread: Tablet PC with a pen?

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    Question Tablet PC with a pen?

    Does anyone know of a tablet style Mini PC out there? Something akin to the new iPad, but with an actual pen input akin to the Wacom tablets instead of the touchscreen.
    At work I'm constantly writing in paper notebooks. I would love to be able to have a wacom style interface to write out notes as well as use a calendar application to organize my schedule. Touchscreens just don't work out very well and there are smart phones, but the screens are always so small.

    Any suggestions? There are several Laptops that convert into a tablet, but I really don't need that much horsepower (Plus battery life is mediocre.). All I really need is just enough to run a calendar and notes, with the occasional Gimp session when I get bored in a meeting.

    Preferably something with pressure sensitivity. "Drawing/writing with a wacom tablet is like using a fine pen, using a touchscreen is like using a crayon."

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    Re: Tablet PC with a pen?

    yes, my friend has an old HP tablet, which is one of the first generation tablets, that ran pretty well with 9.04, the latest Ubuntu at the time.

    I'll ask what model it was, but I don't know if he still has it or if he remembers what it was.

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    Re: Tablet PC with a pen?

    I have an hp tx2, it works ok, but the touchscreen doesn't click when I touch it, and the side button on the pen won't right click. It should work ok for you though. I hope for an update though.


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