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Thread: No mouse click response when prompterd with keyring

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    Angry No mouse click response when prompterd with keyring

    First off, I'm going to say I'm pretty new to Ubuntu and Linux in general. I've been using both for awhile and can usually figure out my own problems, but I'm having issues with this one.
    I recently updated to the most recent version of Ubuntu. Before the update, everything was fine. But the first time I loaded my computer up after the restart for the update to come into effect I was hit with a problem. When the system loads up and logs in I'm met with a prompt asking me to "enter password for keyring 'default' to unlock." That is nothing new, I've always had that come up, but for some reason now when that appears I can't type in my password or click on anything whatsoever. I have control over my cursor and can move it by moving my mouse, but when attempting to click cancel, ok, or the password box or anything else there is no response.
    Because I can't get passed this prompt, I obviously cannot do anything on my computer. Any help with this issue would be awesome. I really want to get back to using my main computer. Thank you for any help.
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    Re: No mouse click response when prompterd with keyring

    Also having this problem. Anyone have an idea? GUI isn't responding.
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