Hi all!

I know I posted a long while back when I was in the planning stages of this project, but now that I have it (somewhat) up and running, I would like to ask for help!

I have created a Launchpad project called Code Monkey. Found HERE. This project aims to create a source for small, user created scripts that perform "mild to moderately complex" tasks from the command line.
For example, I have a script that was modified from a post on OMG!Ubuntu! months ago that allows users to fix the dreaded Missing GPG key problem. Another script will check the system and report information about the hardware's support for Compiz effects. There is currently about 10 of such scripts.

Here is where you guys come in- I am looking for people that would like to help add to and manage this project!
Many of these scripts are still in their infancy, and much of the documentation is lacking. I am hoping that with some added exposure and a few helping hands, this project could really go somewhere! (Provide a troubleshooting source for the Forums?)

Please feel free to contact me or join the Code Monkey Developers group on Launchpad!