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Thread: Koala freezes with new memory but other OSes OK

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    Question Koala freezes with new memory but other OSes OK

    I can't imagine what could cause these symptoms:

    1) Ubuntu Koala 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-21 generic SMP freezes after seconds to 1 minute max., both with gnome and KDE desktops. Sometimes right at the splash screen. Sometimes it simply stops responding, sometimes the screen goes black, sometimes it goes stripy. Tried the "Xterm" option and it came up frozen. Recovery mode was unusable - screen torn up by messages.

    But before you blame the memory, consider this:

    2) Memtest86 reports no errors in ~1hour
    3) Windows XP works fine for hours
    4) Knoppix 6.0.1 works fine for hours

    System: Desktop with
    Motherboard ECS GeForce7050M-M
    CPU AMD Athlon 64x2 5600+
    "Good" memory: OCZ 1x1GB 800MHz
    "Bad" memory: OCZ 1x2GB 667MHz
    BIOS is set to auto detect the memory settings, and memtest86 correctly reports running at 667MHz with 5-5-5-15 timing

    What could be going on?
    What other information could help solve this?

    Please help - thank you [[edited on 2010-06-04]] Well, in the meantime I have had WinXP blue-screen on me after 1 minute of operation. That takes away some of the strangeness. But not all since Ubuntu has not run more than 1 minute in maybe 10 or so boots. Any ideas? Thanks
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