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Thread: No keyboard (clean install)

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    Question No keyboard (clean install)


    I just installed the latest Ubuntu 10.04 version server (a clean install) and the installation was perfect, not a single problem.

    Now, while I'm trying to log into my server for the 1st time, the keyboard doesnt seems to work, as I can just write a few letters and then the keyboard doesnt work, nothing, not even the light for caps or num lock works.

    How can this be fixed?

    I'll appreciate your help as I'm newbie with ubuntu, and I'm wishing I can make this to work. I'm trying to setup ubuntu as a file server for my local network (3 Macs and a couple of Windows 7 PC's).

    Thanks in advance for pointing me to the right direction or your advice to make this happen.


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    Re: No keyboard (clean install)

    This might be useful:

    BIOS Version: Intel Corp. GC11020M.86A.1065.2006.0502.1638
    Pentium dual 2.80 GHz

    On the installation everything went fine with the keyboard and I'm able to write just a few letters of my ubuntu login information, then it just stops working and I cant do anything. I'm not using any graphical interface, i'm trying to login into a terminal.

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