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Thread: Stop internet connection should VPN go offline

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    Re: Stop internet connection should VPN go offline

    In case anyone finds this, you might look at ipcheck:

    I wrote it for a CentOS system but it wouldn't take much to adapt it to Debian and it's children. A friend of mine just convinced me to put it up on Google Code, so I'll probably add more features to it as time goes on since it supports SVN. Feedback is welcome.
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    Re: Stop internet connection should VPN go offline

    Yeah, I attempted this to the "T" and it just kept me from accessing anything online. I guess I am misunderstanding the "Allow In Both To" and the "Allow Out Both From". Either that or there are some instructions missing. This post is a few years old now, so I am assuming the GUI of the firewall config app has changed, thus shorthand instructions do not work. Can anybody give insight into how to do this with the current version of the firewall config interface?

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    Re: Stop internet connection should VPN go offline

    Moved to Outdated Tutorials & Tips since the OP hasn't logged in for nearly three years and the posting guidelines require that tutorials are supported.

    @Derek_Foulk, I suggest starting a new thread in a support area of the forum if you need help. You are more likely to attract attention with a fresh thread than with an old, abandoned tutorial.
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