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Thread: shift switches numlock actions

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    shift switches numlock actions


    I've already searched google and there are lots of issues regarding shift and numlock but none of them fits my problem.

    what i am experiencing is when:
    • numlck is off: key functions Home, End, Page Up and Down works perfectly. Problem: if I press shift and Home (to select some text) what happens is - printing number 7.
    • numlock is on: pressing keypad it will print numbers. Problem: when pressing shift and keypad (just to "debug" and give more info) the action resulting is Home or Page Up or Down.

    so, it seems that shift is switching the numlock keys. although it LED which signalize the state is not switched.

    this problem is also present at login time.

    are any of you experiencing this?
    or anyone can help? this is very annoying!

    thanks in advance

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    Re: shift switches numlock actions


    OK so this is a 3-year-old issue.
    but i'm having the same problem.

    i am currently not able to select a line with the shift+end key combination.
    (or shift+Home).

    the text editor shows the number 7 (shift+home) or 1 (shift+end) instead.
    and the numlock is off.

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    Exclamation Re: shift switches numlock actions

    This answer fixed the problem for me:

    1. Search for Keyboard
    2. Click Layouts tab
    3. Click Options button
    4. Expand miscellaneous compatibility options
    5. Check "Shift with numeric keypad keys works as in MS Windows"
    6. Close and you're good!

    I'm using Ubuntu 13.04

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    Re: shift switches numlock actions

    Let's not raise the dead ... twice.

    Thread closed.
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