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Thread: Can't connect (for filesharing) MAC to 10.04

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    Angry Can't connect (for filesharing) MAC to 10.04

    Hey everyone,

    I desperately need to be able to connect my mac (and everyone else's mac in the workplace) to Ubuntu 10.04 - does anyone have ANY suggestions?! I'm not super savvy with Ubuntu/Linux - just enough to get in trouble.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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    Re: Can't connect (for filesharing) MAC to 10.04


    I'm having the same issue (almost). I have been able to connect using my Windows machine without any problems.

    I can also connect and view files (including streaming a movie for example) on my Mac but I can't modify or create files on the shared folder. Anyone got any suggestions?

    I set it up by right clicking on the folder I wanted to share, set the folder permissions to share the folder, and all the folder options are set to create and save files. I can't seem to get it to do the same for files though.

    Hope someone can help.


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    Re: Can't connect (for filesharing) MAC to 10.04

    Post the output of these commands so we can see how they are set up:
    net usershare info
    sudo net usershare info

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