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Thread: Try LiveCDs w/o burning! Just drag n drop, easy, quick, no hassle

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    Try LiveCDs w/o burning! Just drag n drop, easy, quick, no hassle

    Okay, this is just too cool of a tool to keep to myself -- I need to put it out there for posterity and hopefully it will benefit someone else. Sorry if this comes off as a little over the top, but i just think its incredibly cool.

    Its an Ubuntu-tested** program called MultiBoot VirtualBox test iso. It comes with MultiBoot*, which is way cool by itself.*

    With B]MultiBoot VirtualBox test iso[/B] you can just drag and drop a distribution's iso image and without requiring any further VirtualBox set up and up comes the distribution running in VirtualBox.

    One small overcome-able hurdle is that the web site is in French. But it seems that the web site automatically starts up for me, and hopefully for others. Also some of the options in the main program are slightly unclear in their use of English but I didn't run into anything that seriously confused me. Here's the main opening page in French (but once I entered the site it triggered the thing for me:

    1) I think from reading the installation instructions you need to install VirtualBox first (its a little unclear to me because I had already installed VirtualBox, so it was completely seamless for me. I didn't have to do anything special to set up VirtualBox. I just installed it.

    2) Follow the installation instructions. For me (w/ plain Ubuntu system) I just downloaded the script file, double-clicked on it and everything else installed automatically.

    3) Enjoy. On my system the program is available on the menu from Applications->Accessories->MultiBoot VirtualBox test iso.

    If it doesn't start the translation automatically for you here's the Web site english translation, using

    * The main MultiBoot program allows you by GUI to create bootable USB pen drives, w/ or without persistence and to actually have multiple OSs to choose to boot from on the same pen drive OR CD!!! How cool is that? Although a bit more complex to use than USB Startup Creator or Unetbootin it supports many, MANY distributions (list of supported distros), not just Ubuntu-derived distributions. And provides access to Windoze 7/Vista as well through SysLinux.

    ** web site says: "So far the script has been tested only under
    Ubuntu hardy / intrepid / Jaunty / Karmic / lucid.
    For Ubuntu hardy should activate + deposit hardy-backport
    and under Debian / Debian-live version squeeze"
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