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Thread: Empty Trash--Number of files deleted

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    Empty Trash--Number of files deleted

    Is it possible to change the alert message,given at the time of emptying the trash,to highlight the number of files to be deleted..
    In windows,when we empty the trash,we get the number of files to be deleted so that if,by accident,user was expecting 3 files,but the message alerts for 30 files,then the user can cancel and check the files from trash before deleting them..
    This is so when sometimes we delete the files from filesystem but forget to delete the same from Trash.On next reboot,these files are still in trash and user just does not remember deleting such files.User deletes 2 or 3 files in this new session and then empties trash,expecting same number(2 or 3)to be deleted,but in fact,the number is the addition of both delete operation..
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