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I played shaiya for awhile on linux and it was working great. If i may make this recomendation, use PlayonLinux, just because it uses a seperarte configuration for each game installed and if you mess up, you can just delete that configuration and your wine install is fine. also it comes with a list of other games you might be interested in as well.

PlayonLinux is a great Frontend for wine and is an ex-stream time saver for me, plus it is great for noobs like me. I wouldn't suggest installing into your wine directly because of the many issues i have had with it, like installing dll,s that don't work with it etc. Also for shaiya you have to configure the wine libraries and make sure that you have all the correct working programs installed in it, like IE6. Thus the reason for using PlayonLinux and not messing with the libraries directly
Well I've not tried that, but what I have done is installed Shaiya on my Laptop then moved the Shaiya folder from there to my Desktop here on ubuntu (you can anywhere I think), Then i had to find the .exe and change permissions so I could run it with wine and well that worked for me.