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Thread: Full Circle Podcast #7 Post-match Analysis...

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    Full Circle Podcast #7 Post-match Analysis...

    [from Sunday 23rd May...]

    Ed: Our longest-ever show. Next stop the 2-hour show...
    RC: No, no, no, no no!!
    Ed: What???
    RC: No to the 2-hour show.
    Ed: oh, btw, great show.
    RC: You can do a 2-hr show if you like, but you'll have to edit it!
    Ed: hilarious!
    RC: Only the British do this kind of amateur-hour one-downmanship inepitude.
    Ed: Sure do.
    RC: I'm hoping the audience think its hilarious, otherwise its just us cackling at ourselves being ####.
    Ed: Yeah, true. We do need to find a way to solve this Skype issue. Have u tried Ekiga?
    RC: I looked at it start of year and everyone else said they had problems... Might be worth a look again now. Lucid is a much better platform.
    Ed: Yeah, so did I.
    RC: I may have to blog about Audacity only crashing once on 2 machines during editing, while I pushed it as hard as I could.
    "Lucid minus Compiz = bomb-proof."
    Ed: what do you do differently with Skype? You using wifi?
    RC: Nothing special; latest Skype beta .deb with Skype Call recorder running in the background...
    Ed: Same.
    RC: Runs on my wifi with no latency. Only running one Firefox session in background with Gdocs for the shownotes and running order.
    Ed: What sound settings you using on Skype? Actually nvm, you can only use pulse.
    RC: Correct, only pulse and mine just works these days, ever since Karmic...
    Ed: did you think episode 7 turned out ok?
    RC: #7 is good for content, whether we're getting too self-indulgent on style, I wonder. Will have to listen back fresh in a week or so. We're too close to it.
    Ed: Too close to what?
    RC: Too close to judge the podcast impartially.
    Ed: Yeah, and also get Dave's opinion for the first time;
    he really does need to listen to them! It was great having Popey on.
    RC: I'm thinking of printing a t-shirt; 'Popey is a good bloke'
    Ed: oh btw, the interview with Popey almost failed, when he couldn't find a fault with my bug report though. That was the main reason he was on, but it was excellent to have him on for the whole show and not just for the interview.
    RC: I loved that; 'actually it's a model bug report.'
    Ed: Yeah, what a compliment from Mr Alan Pope!
    RC: "Actually a model bug report" was nearly the show title.

    RC: Dave is currently on email trying to resolve his Skype issues; the plan is three-way recording;
    "Agreed; if we all use Skype Call Recorder launched before Skype, the recorder will kick in and record at point of connection; I can then splice 3 audio tracks together with minimal effort."
    It's a plan...

    What does everyone else think?? RC
    "Life, don't talk to me about life..."

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    Re: Full Circle Podcast #7 Post-match Analysis...


    Don't really care. As long as a podcast pops out at the end of it all, I'm happy

    What about trying other non-Skype apps? Gizmo, Ekiga et al? I've never tried any of them, so I'm just throwing out names...
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