I've been planning to get a new laptop for quite some time now, and I've boiled it down to three options; the Macbook Pro, Pangolin Performance, and the Bonobo Performance. Now, I was originally planning on a System76, but once I looked at the Macbook Pro that I could get for 100 dollars off, with a sleeker, sturdier case, and about 5 times the battery life, I'm not sure. If I were to upgrade a system76's RAM and processor, I'd likely get a 1,050 ish purchase price. And the Macbook Pro, which has a wonderful design and by default has 4G ddr3 RAM, would be 1,099 with my student discount (: So what I'm wondering is what kind of advantages does system76 (besides using Ubuntu, which I love) have over the Macbook Pro? The battery is really what gets me. The laptop I have now has about two hours of battery, and I hate being "chained to my desk" by the heavy weight and low battery. However, I want to have a decent enough processor and RAM to run lots of programs without lagging, and perhaps even try some WoW. I'd really like to know what you guys think would be best, and hope for some decent feedback. Thanks!