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Thread: Installing Real Player

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    Unhappy Installing Real Player


    I'm running 9.04 and having problem installing Real Player(any version).I've tries using Synaptic it can't find realplayer in repository(Medibuntu is installed & ticked in 3rd party repository, two versions there-one with 'source' after Medibuntu?)

    Also tried d/loading realplayer.deb from site and saving to d/top - then when trying to install I get error message 'Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libasound2 (>> 1.0.22)' Tried to make it executable by entering 'chmod a+x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin' in terminal, but says can't find file?

    I have gone through the help at
    but still can't get it to install and show in a repository or in applications. I've installed the Codecs and and many stations play ok.

    My main requirement is for playing Internet radio - a lot of stations use Realplayer. Also it's pride thing now!!

    Hope some one can help me with what I'm doing wrong/missing!?


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    Re: Installing Real Player

    Here is libasound2.
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    Smile Re: Installing Real Player - Solved

    Hi wnter rain,

    Installing libasound2 cured the fault, then I could install Realplayer in the terminal.

    Thanks for the help!



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