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Thread: Screen flashing every 1/2 second after selecting "Extra" graphics

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    Screen flashing every 1/2 second after selecting "Extra" graphics

    Help! I am new to Ubuntu and Linux (2-ish weeks) and looked up my issue on the net but don't understand the solutions or even know if it is the same problem as mine. For the first 2 weeks that I had Ubuntu, it was set to default "simple" graphics, under System, but yesterday I was bored and set it to "Extra", which is the most fancy it can get. It was ok at first but when I shut it down and restarted, the screen was flashing every 1/2 second. Due to the flashing, I couldn't do anything but login and shut it off. I couldn't even access the "System" tab to undo what I think caused the problem.

    I tried running it on Recovery and set it to "Failsafe graphics", which worked but I don't know how to undo what I did, without running it on recovery. Help! I miss my computer dearly!!

    Also, I am not computer savvy so PLEASE explain the solution in teeny-tiny baby steps. In English and great detail.

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Screen flashing every 1/2 second after selecting "Extra" graphics

    POWER: Intel xeon 4x2.66GHz,4GB quad channel ecc DDR400(800MHz),210GB SCSI raid0(6x36GB) 512MB cache.
    PC: Intel E6600 @ 3.24GHz. NVIDIA 9800GT. 2GB DDR @ 833MHz. Ubuntu UE 2.6 64 (10.04)

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