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I see what you mean, but it seems redundant to do this twice, as it had already done this process once when I installed and again when the upgrade came out. It doesn't bother me that much, it is just a case of having to hit yes 3 times instead of once.

Unless you think people are going to try different installations after installing this plugin? Which would be unusual of them as it seems to work nicely.
If the upgrade doesn't include a new version of flash or if you are happy with your installation you can simply ignore the automatic execution and close the dialog. I'm going to work on a better method for upgrades. BTW, in the newest version, which hasn't been approved by Mozilla yet, the script is non-interactive. Before executing the script, the extension display the code to be executed, so you can read it and cancel. But once started, the script will execute without intervention. There is no need to type "y" 3 times anymore. Please let me know what you think about it.