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Thread: reinstalling PHP

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    reinstalling PHP

    I need some PHP libs that don't come with the standard install - I assume that means I'll have to build PHP from source. Can I use a package manager to download the source? How? If I do, will it have the code for all the libraries? Are there specific instructions for building and installing on ubuntu?

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    Re: reinstalling PHP

    Have you searched in Synaptic for the libs? I would be very surprised if you have to build from source just because you added some libs.

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    Re: reinstalling PHP

    What are the libraries in question? If they are compatible with the default PHP version, then you can simply copy them to the appropriate directories. If they are in the repositories, then add them with synaptic or apt-get.

    apt-cache search PHP
    apt-cache search thenameofyourspecificPHPlibrary
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