I still consider myself a newbie, so I am open to any suggestions for the following problem.
I want to be able to duplicate the apps that I have installed on one machine and port them over to another machine with different hardware. I am using Ubuntu 10.04. The machine I started with is an IBM with a 40gb hard drive. It has 1- 10gb / partition and 1- 30gb extended partition with a 1gb lvm swap and 29gb lvm /home. I wanted to try Aptoncd because that seemed to be the easiest at the time. Aptoncd found all the packages that I had added after the initial install, but when I went to create the cd, it said that there was not enough disk space on /tmp and /home. Like a newbie I went and deleted folders in the /tmp folder and now I have an additional problem of not being able to enter my password into synaptics etc. I assume once I deleted those files they are gone. But the real questions for me is, was there really not enough space on one of the folders or was it a permissions issue? Even if it was not a drive partition issue, I would like to know how others partition there desktop drives. If it is a permissions issue, how do I resolve that? And of course if I can't retrieve those files will I have to start over again (there is no data on the drive yet because it is a fresh install) And last but not least, is there a better way (other than having my own server) to duplicate all my apps from one machine to another?
Thanks in advance for your help