Hello people,

I need a little help in the installation of ubuntu on my macbook pro 5.5.

I've read through the instructions and then worked.

I installed ubuntu 4.12 64bit with a usb stick.

In the instructions that stood before to use gpartet sollte.This I made.

Then in the partition menu i created one swap, and then create root / with ext 4.

The bootloader will be installed in the root partition, for me was the sd3.This I have done.

After installation I have in rEFIt partition tool clicked yes for the sentence with mbr.

Then try to start linux, but I always get a black screen with a blinking cursor.Nothing happened then.Everytime the same.

I have also tried different installation then it works.
I installed the boot loader not in root, but in the normal apple hard drive.

Then I can start normally.

My question now, you have to install the bootloader necessarily root or can you just like me in the main hard drive?

I also do not understand is when I'm in mac os diskutility create a partition for linux I have in rEFIt twice after installation the linux symbol.

What ist the problem with the black screen?

Should i use gparted or can i make all the necessary thing in the normal partition menu too?

Can you help me?

Sorry for my english.