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Thread: Installation fails: Lucid Live CD on iMac G4 PPC

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    Re: Installation fails: Lucid Live CD on iMac G4 PPC

    Quote Originally Posted by kgarbutt View Post
    Hey Stanver,

    I just installed 10.04 on my work G4 Mac. This is what you have to do. 10.04 won't work from the beginning because the old G4 Macs aren't supported. Start with an alternate 8.04 download for the old macs. When 8.04 is installed then upgrade to 10.04 with the update manager. There is a direct upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04. Do a search to find it. I just did it so I know it works. I should say though that my sound doesn't work on my G4 after all this. There is some sound issues with 10.04.

    Good luck man.
    I'm trying this on an iMac G4 (iLamp). 8.04 is installed OK
    Update manager doesn't show 10.04 available for dist upgrade though.
    I have checked in software sources dialogue that dist upgrade is set to LTS.

    What else might I be missing on this subject?

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    Re: Installation fails: Lucid Live CD on iMac G4 PPC

    I am in the same boat... 10.04 ppc "iLamp" mac .. no work ... i get a yellow screen and nothing else.


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    Re: Installation fails: Lucid Live CD on iMac G4 PPC

    I've a 700mHz G4 iMac with a dead hard drive so I'm tinkering for a Live-CD replacement for Panther. Booting Ubuntu 10.04 or 9.10 leaves me stalled with a yellow screen. Ubuntu 8.04 seems to work well outside of Airport networking issues in refusing passwords. Wish there were a way to "install" other fonts for OpenOffice on it, but otherwise it's nice. I am going to take a whack at using a "alternate install" to see whether I can pre-burn prune the 10.04/10 iso of unneccessary files to bring down its infamous crippling over 700mb CD burn size. Would really like to know whether this is the max Ubuntu version this machine can handle, so if you're in the know please chime in.


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