@Mutrax, ok, however, Funambol is only a sync server, so only comparable to egroupware if you factor in clients such as PDAs, Evolution, Thunderbird etc.
But I get your point: less hassle = better
I'm looking at getting Sogo as groupware server, which syncs with Funambol as well, has a web interface, good Thunderbird/Lightning connectivity, and is collaborating with OpenChange to get native Outlook support going (Microsoft Exchange drop-in replacement).

@Planetom: if you don't know about SSL & Apache, I'd start in getting a regular website working with SSL and apache (first with the default, snakeoil cert, then with a self-signed cert). I presume Ubuntu documentation has enough info on getting a basic SSL site set up. If not, I'd file a bug with the docs guys and look for other documentation.
Only if that works, move on to testing with Funambol.

You do have to understand a bit what you're doing so blindly copying instructions won't help much. I'd look for a tutorial that explains what's going on, and reading openssl/Apache/Ubuntu documentation until you understand a bit more why and how you are doing things.

As for the howto not being complete, sorry, but it cannot ever be complete for beginners: I'd have to go over Ubuntu install, apt-get/aptitude, Apache install, Postgresql install, self-signed or externally signed SSL certs etc.
The possible variations/needed clarifications would be endless, so I decided to focus on the things that seemed obscure to me. SSL wasn't one of them.
I understand your frustration though, had the same with Funambol initially, that's why I decided to write up my experiences.

Good luck & if you get it figured out, please feel free to make suggestions for improvement of the tutorial.