I've been serving up Half Life games for years on my Red Hat Linux servers without problems. One of my somewhat computer illiterate "friends" wanted me to install Half-Life dedicated server on his recently built SuSE 10 server. Unfortunately the half-life executable core dumps every time it tries to load. I downloaded and installed Ubuntu then pulled down the latest binary for Half-Life and it runs on Ubuntu but I cant get Ubuntu to open ports so gamers can connect. I tried interactive IPTables and Firestarter but I'm left with a dedicated server running but unable to connect. It is not my Linksys router either as I can not connect from my Windoze XP PC.

I've been Googling, searching Yahoo and Ubuntu for a week now but the only thing I've accomplished is getting secure shell to accept connections on the Ubuntu machnie.

Can someone please tell me how I can open a range of UDP ports to host a half-life dedicated server on Ubuntu (port 27015 - 27030)?