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Thread: WOW update - applying the patch is painfully slow

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    WOW update - applying the patch is painfully slow

    I have WOW up and running on my ubuntu AMD64 and it's all good except when it comes to applying the regular updates.
    The downloader starts and gets the file, no sweat.
    But the actual patching takes forever - several hours.

    I checked the system monitor and it takes up 80-90% of the CPU.

    I have no idea why this is - does anyone have the same problem or maybe even a solution?

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    Re: WOW update - applying the patch is painfully slow

    the only problem i had was that so many people were trying to DL the patch yesterday afternoon, so mine was slow DLing but once it DLed it installed the patch rather fast and I didn't notice a huge CPU drain and I only have an AMD 1700
    It took me a couple times of starting WoW to get the patch to start DLing, but it picks up where it left off each time so it worked.
    Hope this helps...I have no clue about the abnormal CPU usage


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