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Thread: Almost Unbelievable

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    Almost Unbelievable

    I'm not going to expend too much energy on this, but I should be able to comment, regarding my 'mental health' thread.

    I am not a stereotype, and I'm not a danger to myself or anyone else. The decisions made here to close two threads, one started and collaborated on by people seemingly more enlightened some some moderators here, are based on ignorance and a slavish and shallow view of mental health issues.

    Following its years of anthologies, I became the first individual to have a book published by a particular arts therapy charity in England, based on recognition on the part of the director and editor of my constructive and craftmanly use of writing as therapy. I have been a good and supportive friend to several people over the last eighteen years with more severe mental health issues, including a former partner with schizophrenia, as well as someone my more neurologically typical friends have come to for deeper talk. I'm not a hysterical person, and I engage in discussion because for anyone who is not enmired in the material word, problems do have an enjoyable spiritual aspect to them. This arts therapy charity is one of many organisations that battle to improve the lot of and the perception of those who can admit to mental health issues. I will get over this, I'm a busy and creative person, and ignorance is no surprise when I encountered it, but I happily admit to being both upset and disturbed by what has happened. I expected far better here.

    I have a good and contemporary education. Seeing mental health issues as merely medical evinces a poor level of social and philosophical awareness, of a kind we can expect from those associated with an aggressive purely commercial concern such as Microsoft.

    We have often had the meaning of the word ubuntu explained to us by makers of this distro. The way this issue has been handled shows a spectacular failure to live up to the ostensible aims, and a terrible failure of imagination and courage.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Almost Unbelievable

    We have explained on many occasions. This is a tech forum. In particular the Official Support Forum for uBuntu funded by Canonical. We do not allow advice to be given with regards to medical related matters. Reason , safety. For obvious reasons this should be sought from an appropriate professional by the individual concerned.
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    Re: Almost Unbelievable

    I have removed the thread from public view and search engines.

    If you prefer forums advices over a professional face to face meeting, there are plenty of places you can post such threads. UF is not one of them, sorry.
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